Monday, April 18, 2005

...battle of da wut???... mayb dat "virgin" thingy doesn't work on HIM. *sigh* pelik...nang pelik...aku sampe mati akal oleh nya. nasiblah. but not 2 talk bout dat 2day, there's something else botherin me n i wish dat i cud just get rid of it. my worries bout a "gurl". yeah, there's diz gurl lah. i dunno her n she doesn't noe me so we r strangerz but i wonder y these dayz i'm keepin my eyes on her. i mean, worried bout her lah. she has changed so much n i dun like dat. liar gilak...umm...k...mayb i was like her once upon a time...but dats over now k. aku dah insap n...yeah...i'm gettin better n noe da importance of least! but look at her...ntah bila nak sedar...hisy!! seriously lah...y do i care about her? i talked bout diz wit a guy fren of mine n he was like "r u a lesbian?" God no!! i'm not a lesbian ok?? i'm just worried bout her n i heard dat nya pun dah xvirgin gk lepas knak ntam leh sorg urg laki pom5 nak xbetanggong jawab tok n i hate him so much n yeah...i noe...dat gives me a strange feeling n i myself is worried bout myself. wakaka...tauk xpa retinya? but jez frankly sayin lah...i'm not a fucking lesbian n u all pun tauk i like guyz VEWY MUCH n phm2lah. yeah! i like guyz n i love 2 c them naked n dat doesn't put me as a lesbian! so kesimpulannya, aku bkn lesbian although we gurlz take baths together...sometimes lah, n we're not a lesbian although some guyz even said dat we looked like fucking lesbian but God noes better dat we're not a lesbian even when adit once found out dat *** n i took a bath together naked but still, we're not lesbian, just good gurl frenz n yeah, 4 da last time, I'M NOT A LESBIAN!!!!!! Ehh?? who said i was??