Saturday, March 26, 2005

...things i don't always talk about...

owh boring! boring! so utk mengisik masa lapang, aku pun layar lah suma web yg ada kat atas muka bumi tok. wakaka...anyways, accidentally found this shit on the web. and i was like, hell, y not fill them in...cis...pathetic sungguh! but anything 2 kill time here goes...

real name: Mas Nur Aizzat
date of birth: 04041989
place of birth: NMC, kuching
education: Tadika Bina, M.D.H.A.K.H, Kolej D.P.A.H Abdillah (now in 4sc4 '05)

siblings: 5...all girls and I'm da 4th one.
sister(s): 3 older sisters and a younger sister
brother(s): None...damn! Wish I have an abg! Dpt k aku klayi, betumbok, kongsi cd bf... *sigh*
in my family, i'm...: The black sheep n owez stands out from the bloody crowd...get it??
my relationship wif my cousins...: Ntah...yg tinggal dekat dgn aku kira rapt lah juak. Yg kat negara lain ya...hah! Nama pun ku xingt. Kuikuikui...

hobbies and interests: Journalism, music, drumsz, Cikgu Su Sieu Fong, loya2, kayo2, manas2, nangis2...and my only anak, Ajim!
a movie u liked best: Sepet! (Definitely! Knak support la the Malaysian Film Industry)
a band u liked best: The Used! Y?? Duh?? Obviously they make good music
a song u liked best: the moment, I like 'Scars' by Papa Roach. (Damn! Cney daknya ada idea molah lagu ya??)
a movie u regreted seeing: The Grudge ( further comment)
a band u think sux, big time: Ruffedge, VE, Phyne Ballerz (Owh...was it 'a'? Well...ada byk band yg aku rasa "sux, big time". Ahax...definitely Ruffedge!)
a deafening song: Any songs by Reshmonou (Shyt! Anak sapa ndak ya ka?? Xguna lik idup! Nyakit tlinga aku jak!)

fav girl celebs: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Natalie Portman, Natalie Imbruglia, Amy Lee of Evanescence and Kikan of Cokelat (Indonesian band).
fav guy celebs: Ashton Kutcher, Mike Shinoda, James Marsden, Ben Affleck, Jude Law, Josh Lucas, Shane West, Johnny Depp and Rangga Y Harez (Cinta Terbagi Lima).

worst moment in life: Get caught ******* when I was 14. Shyt! Dad went real mad...I swear I'm not going 2 get caught again doing it... (Hahaha...never promised not 2 do it again)
sweetest moment in life: Whenever our eyes met diz world iz like heaven! (Him and I lah...)

my 1st crush is...: Eh?? Rahsia ar...huehuehue...
it started when...: Aku simbah nya ngan air mineral and he got mad and screamed at me. Damn! I would give anything 2 get him screaming at me again!
and now we r...: I dunno...not frenz neither enemies. Juz...not talking 2 each other *sigh*
the real reason i like him is: Seriously, nyalah lelaki petama yg nerais aku. N it was at that time the bloody cupid shot me.
he is...: Taller (a bit) than me, tanned, very good-looking and a sportsman.
i think...: He's way 2 good 4 me...arghhh...

been in love?: Yah...lotz of time...but sumer nye cinta monyet! Wakaka...
got hurt by love: Yah...lotz of time...but xpnah serik2!
whenever we breakup...: It's always me who started it...hahaha...I am an extreme penjeles! Wakaka...
my longest relationship wif a guy...: Is with Leon...I think. But we r good fwenz now!
we 1st met...: In a fwenz house (Eritz). Cdak jamming kat bilit atas. Aku nengar sora yg cukup merdu ngembak lagu Drops Of Jupiter. Apa gk...tepegun n dot dot dot...tauk sendirik lar...
he was...: 3 years older than me. A hottie wif chinese looks, skaterz, and sings so damn well! Sora yg cukupppp...memikat! Ecstasy in short (" ,)
n now...: We're over. Only fwenz lah.
rite now, i'm wif...: No comment
we 1st met...: No comment
i like him bcoz...: No comment
had sex: No comment

at school, i have...: More enemies than fwenz (My fwenz r suma miak pom 4 n my enemies r suma miak pom 1,2,3 n 5)
my best fwenz r...: Shidot, Miezah, Nyssa, Far, Faz, Shaf, A-key, Patricia@Pinky and Sue.
my best gurl fwenz: All of the above, Nate, Zue, Tonia, Pipot, Deyna n Dedek.
my best guy fwenz: Zharif (ngek!), Adam (ngek!), P-ko, Ejan, Shin Chan, Adu, Usher, Hafizul n Farid.
i want 2 meet...: Kengkawan aku yg dah bepindah randah. Kinsay@Kins, Francis Fideleo@Leo/Slay/Neo (prasan!), Patricia@Pat, Wilston@Wils and my best buddy time pom 2, Victor Augustine@Vic/Vicky. Misz them so damn much!
my teachers...: Sux, big time! Except Cikgu Norlia, Cikgu Haron n Ah Fong@Su Sieu Fong
my fav teacher: Ah Fong@Su Sieu Fong
my fav subjects: Definitely Biology!
when in class...: I tend 2 ignore the teachers n do my own stuff and which sometimes, drives Chin Lee San@Ah San beserk! "Mas!!!"

things about me not so many people knew 'bout: Well...I err...wut owh?? Ntah! Nothinglah...